The world is a funny place.

Life has been bestowed upon you in this paradox of a land, and it will always drive you to the brink of madness.

It’ll never fail to push you towards your goal, only to bring you two steps back each time you almost touch it.

It’s a fairy tale, a story of beauty & the beast that lurks at every corner, and restlessness that even true love’s kiss can’t put to rest.

Life is a mind game, a constant battle between right and wrong, a war between wrecked souls and reckless bodies.

It is weariness and beauty, brought together only to combust, only to leave everyone blazing with anger.

It is salt stained faces and grins that not even a monster of a being could wipe away, happiness intertwined with madness and lethargy that’ll never replace satisfaction.

The world is a funny place, but it’s easier to laugh then to wonder why.


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