Sadness has begun to seep into my veins like poison. I am a ruined soul, and have embraced my slow fall into darkness. I have become a prisoner in my own body, but I cannot be freed.

I am afraid, afraid of the terrors that may haunt me if do not embrace my fate, if I don’t accept the past.

I cannot begin to fathom what went through your mind before you took the blade and punctured my heart. One clean cut, and you had destroyed every shred of life that was left in my being. You left me bleeding, drops of happiness vanishing away at each moment, and my soul waiting to be saved.

I am once again, left empty. I am devoid of any feeling. My head is spinning, my heart beating faster than I can even comprehend, and I have become numb.

I knew you wouldn’t come back, but how was I to know that I was being replaced? You had left no room in my heart for anyone else, but you moved on before I could even walk away. How can I trust anyone with my heart anymore?

I cannot even trust myself, let alone my heart. I felt like a fool, for trusting you more than I should’ve, for loving you more than I physically could. I feel betrayed by you, and your words.

Circumstances may change a person, but I had no clue of what was in store for you. You transformed from prince to beast, in the span of a second. How was I to know that simply picking a rose from your garden would eventually unleash the true you?

Maybe I have become cynical, but you have taken love from me and twisted it into a mind game, into something that I cannot even understand. I no longer believe in ‘Happily Ever After’, only ‘Happily Ever Never’.

Everything that made me happy, reminds me of you. I feel forced to forgive you by my mind, but my heart wishes to forget you. And maybe one day I will, when the pain fades and I begin to live again.

Maybe one day, I can pick another rose, and hope for a prince this time.




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