I see symphonies in you.

The world is no longer in muted tones, it sings to me, it is in screaming color. It is deafening, but I crave its intensity.

I cannot stand lackluster anymore.

I need your music.

I am lost in you. I am no longer an empty shell; I have searched far and wide but I do not see ache anymore. I do not see pain; I do not sense suffering.

I am no longer hollow.

No longer skin and bones.

You have ignited my fire. I burn steadily, my cheeks ablaze with your whispers of sweet nothings. You could drive me to the brink of insanity, and I’d be willing to crash.

I have become the poster girl for infatuated.

The epitome of desire.

You have captured me. Hook, line and sinker; I have taken my heart and willingly given it away. There is no chaos in my heart, no sickening feeling of slowly sinking into the depths of my deepest, darkest despairs.

There is only calm.

There is only you.

I am fragmented, and you are piecing me together. I feel alive in your embrace, a sickening sensation of deceptive truth that I cannot bring myself to stay away from. It’s magical, how much of myself I have given to you, parts of me I’ve never even shown myself before. How can I be so naïve as to trust you so easily?

I am chaotic.

But I have found the calm to my storm.


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